Saturday, January 8, 2011

Black Ops - multihack (PC/PS3/XBOX/Wii)

Custom Mods – UFO, no gravity, shotguns with camo, aimbot, hold 3 weapons, have 4 perks, have UAV on always, laser sight, nuke in package 100%, automatic everything, automatic shotguns, out of bounds barrier OFF, nuke requires 3 killstreak, Gold AK:47, unlock desert eagle, perfect aim
unlimited predator missles, exploding gunshots, auto reload, teleport, thermal sight, message appear on screen, floating objects, automatic m16, see through walls, money modes, vision, cartoon, matrix modes, super jump, super speed.
Unlockables – all weapons, camo, challenges, emblems, titles, killstreaks, spiring 10th presetige.
Infections – Aimbot, UAV always on, laser, auto m-16
Level modifier – red/blue/green/yellow/white

You NEED the Blackops.Dll for this hack to function Correctly. Refer to the –> Right side for this to work. I’ve updated the .dll for those of you that had some errors so download the new .dll! 

So here’s what you need to do next in order to get the hack pack v3.4 running.

Step 1: Click here to get Black Ops Hack Pack v3.4

Step 2: Click here to get the required runtime files

Step 3: Place the runtime files in the same folder as the black ops hack pack v3.4

We highly recommend you try out the hack pack because it increases user experience and you don’t have to spend so much time on the game in order to get the achievements. The hack pack should only be used online when you are sure the game is safe and not in sight of someone who would be suspicious of your activities.
We have included lots of options in the black ops cheats.  Below is a list of the following features in 3.4.
– No Need for JTAG, Mods or anything else. This will work from the PC to whichever system you need it to : Xbox 360, PS3, Wii.
– Added super jump and see through walls mods.
– AntiBan patching added, this blocks the server from receiving some actions that look suspicious.
– Amazing stealth process mode that ensures the hack pack is completely hidden.


HOW TO DOWNLOAD (pictures):

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2) Once you click the 'Click Here to Download' link and you will be brought to a survey page. Just Fill the first page with your name, email, address, zip code etc (This not must be your personal informations but try something existing). Or you can choose Premium Download and can download file without filling any survey form.

 3) After completing the survey on page ShareCash should show the message 'Your download is starting now ..' and the download window.